4 wheels, 6 weeks, one big country

A personal take on the classic American road trip

Over the next 6 weeks, we will be accompanying a watch and car enthusiast on his personal US adventure. With it, a Guinand 60.50-T2 on the trip through the land of unlimited possibilities ...

In order to understand why a European embarks on such a journey through more than 20 federal states and over more than 7,000 miles, it helps to demonstrate the personal motivation of our protagonist.

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Why take your own car to the USA?

I love cars. You have to be really into cars, and own something you’d much rather be driving than a hire car. It is possible to hire a Porsche in the States but it will still be a basic car with very little soul. I have rented cars in the States a few times and they are all fine but far from exciting to drive. Faced with six weeks and some very long days behind the wheel I wanted something better than that.

I like an adventure. There is also an element of adventure. Renting a car is easy; turn up at the airport, collect the keys, drive around, return to the airport and fly home. No worrying about it being damaged or breaking down. Shipping your own car brings an element of risk and a lot of planning. If your idea of a holiday is turning up to a resort and relaxing in it, this type of thing probably isn’t going to be enjoyable. What if the car breaks down, is involved in an accident, is stolen? It could get stuck in customs, the ship could sink. Even obvious things like the steering wheel being on the wrong side of the road would put some off.

Rentals are OK, until you see a reminder of just how characterful air cooled cars are.
It is close to 7,000 miles crossing 20 States over six weeks

*Our adventurer is coming out of the UK, as you will surely notice now

The Trip: Start on 02.06.2019 in Knoxville / Tennessee, expected final: 25.06.2019 in Tennessee

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