Flight Engineer

Resists all time impacts

Flight Engineer

Watches for science and industry - that was already our expertise in the 60s of the last century and continues to be so to this day. Since the founding of our company, we have been making watches that are worn with an occupational relation in challenging situations. Pilots, scientists, researchers and technicians rely on Guinand instrument watches in everyday life and in extreme situations. With our model Flight Engineer we write a new chapter of our instrumental watches.

Guinand Flight Engineer

The Flight Engineer

The Flight Engineer, formerly an indispensable crew member of all large aircraft, has the task of monitoring and operating the aircraft systems such as the pressurized cabin, the fuel supply and the engines. In case of error, it provides remedy.

The Flight Engineer is thus to a certain extent the technician on board the aircraft and responsible for the largely highly complex on-board systems - relying on a highly reliable wrist watch protected against magnetic influences.

The Watch

Reduced to the essentials, the time display via 3 hands, the readability of the watch is perfect. The date indication is positioned on a position of the dial which does not disturb the large hour number.

Another special feature of this instrument watch, however, is conceiled in the case. A soft iron inner housing consisting of 3 housing parts effectively shields the inserted automatic movement against magnetic fields. Up to a magnetic field strength of 1000 Oerstedt this cage protects against magnetic fields by passing the magnetic field around the movement and prevents permanent magnetization of the balance spring and other steel watch parts (levers, screws, shafts).


The Dial

Slightly shiny black dial, numbers and Indexes coated with white luminous color of superior Grade X1 quality, Minute- and hours hands and arrow of the second hand filled with white luminous color

The Movement

For the Flight Engineer, we using a movement of the Swiss family owned company Sellita, based in La Chaux-de-Fonds. The SW220-1 is produced since 2004 and considered as well-engineered, the basic construction dates from the year 1982. Sellita, manufacturer of watch movements, supplies Guinand with the movement for this watch in a decorated version with Perlage, Geneva stripes, blued screws and Glucydur balance.

At Guinand each of these movements is regulated once again in 5 positions before the final control of the watch ends with an accuracy test of several days.

The Housing

Case made of stainless steel, satinized, pilot bezel made of light-weight alloy, rotatable in two directions, orange luminous capsule on the zero marker. Inner housing made of special material for magnetic field shielding.

The Strap

Solid Strap Flight Engineer

Solid Strap Flight Engineer

For the Flight Engineer we manufacture the solid strap Type H in a overall satinized variant

Magnetic Field Protection

Magnetic fields surround us in everyday life - be it in our daily work, in our spare time or while traveling. Whereas in the past scientists and technicians were mainly affected by the influence of strong magnetic fields on their measuring instruments and watches, the development of magnetic materials has led to extremely strong and very compact permanent magnets which surround us in everyday life in many places.

These magnets certainly generate magnetic fields of a strength of 1000 Oe / 1000 Gauss in the distance of a few centimeters around the magnetic axis. The functionality and precision of a mechanical wrist watch can already be affected by a magnetic field of 60 Oe / 60 Gauss.

The standard DIN 8309 or its international counterpart ISO / DIS 764, which is considered to be non-magnetic watches, defines that such a watch will continue to operate when subjected to a magnetic field of 4,800 A / m (60 Oe) and then deviate by a maximum of 30 seconds / day.

For this purpose, components made of Glucydur or Nivarox, which are less susceptible to magnetic fields, are used in the movement. If stronger protection against magnetic fields is required, a combination of two measures has proven effective. The use of magnetically insensitive watch parts and additionally a protective shield made of soft iron.

For the Flight Engineer, we use a very solid inner casing made of nickel-plated soft iron. In order to avoid the penetration of magnetic fields through housing openings as far as possible, the inner housing is not just a simple turned part but a complex shaped turning and milled part with only a small hole for the stem and a minimized hole for the date display. We use e.g. for the dial soft iron with the material number RFe 60 / 1.1015 according to DIN 17405. The proportion of pure iron (Fe) is in such materials well over 99%.

Oersted (unit symbol Oe, after the Danish physicist Hans Christian Ørsted) is the unit of magnetic field strength in the Gaussian and CGS electromagnetic system of units.

Model Configurator

Flight Engineer

Flight Engineer

Flight Engineer

The new Guinand Flight Engineer is the time measuring instrument for daily use - of course with the necessary safety reserves for an instrument. The modern design hits the nerve of our time – after all it is based on the traditional pilot watches from Guinand.

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Technical details


  • Calibre Sellita SW220-1
  • Self-winding mechanical movement
  • 26 jewels
  • 28.800 vibrations per hour; 4 Hz.
  • Movement diameter 11½ ‘‘‘ (25,60 mm)
  • Incabloc shock protection
  • Glucydur balance wheel
  • Bidirectional self winding, rotor with ball-bearing
  • Power reserve approx. 38 hours
  • Movement decorated with Perlage and Diamond snail
  • Rotor decorated with Côtes de Genève with engraved Guinand logo
  • Blued screws


  • Hours, minutes, center second
  • Date display


  • Stainless steel hand satinized
  • Magnetic field protection inner housing made of RFe 60 / 1.1015 according to DIN 17405
  • Sapphire crystal glass, domed, anti-reflective on the interior
  • Screwed back
  • Screwed crown, double O-ring sealed
  • Protected chrono pushers
  • Pressure resistant up to 20 bar

Dimensions and Weight

  • Case diameter: 40.6 mm / 1.6 inch
  • Case thickness: 14.8 mm / 0.58 inch
  • Band lug width: 20 mm
  • Lug-to-lug distance: 48.5 mm / 1.91 inch
  • Distance between the spring bars: 46.3 mm / 1.82 inch
  • Weight without strap: approx. 85 grams

Straps 20 mm

Leather Strap Arizona

Black Cowhide with alligator embossing.
Available with a pin or folding clasp.


Leather Strap Cordovan

Leather Strap Cordovan black

Black cordovan, cushioned.
Available with a pin or folding clasp.

Leather Strap Kalbsleder

Leather Strap Kalbsleder in black

Black calfskin fine grained, contrasting seam white.
Available with a pin or folding clasp.

Colour variant

Leather Strap Kalbsleder dark brown
dark brown

Leather Strap Monza

Leather Strap Monza

Dull finished calf leather with contrast stitching, BR-padded.
Available with a pin or folding clasp.

Leather Strap Monza Orange

Leather Strap Monza Orange

Dull finished calf leather with orange contrast stitching, BR-padded.
Available with a pin or folding clasp.

Leather Strap Rally

Leather Strap Rally

Soft cowhide leather with fine punching.
Available with a pin or folding clasp.

Leather Strap Outback

Leather Strap Outback

Worldwide first kangaroo nubuck leather-strap in serial production
Durable kangaroo nubuck leather strap, contrasting seam gray.
Available with a pin or folding clasp.

Leather Strap Chronissimo

Leather Strap Chronissimo

Black cowhide, integrated in the case.
Available with a pin or folding clasp.

Leather Strap Antique

Leather Strap Antique

Pull up leather with laquered edging and colored stitch.
Available with a pin or folding clasp.

Leather Strap Vintage

Leather strap Vintage

Saddle leather with light contrast stitching, at tip of strap and at lug ends.
Available with a pin or folding clasp.

Leather Strap Vintage Black

Leather strap Vintage Black

Saddle leather with black stitching, at tip of strap and at lug ends.
Available with a pin or folding clasp.

Rubber Strap Kroko

Rubber Strap Kroko

Black rubber with alligator embossing, contrasting seam white.
Available with a pin or folding clasp.

Rubber Strap Glatt

Rubber Strap Glatt

Black rubber strap, smooth surface,
incl. a laser engraved folding-clasp satinated or bead-blasted

Textile Strap Safety Belt

Textile Strap Safety Belt

Highend textile strap with a soft inlay.
Available with a pin or folding clasp.

Silicone Strap S60

Silicone Strap S60

Black silicon strap integrated in the case with white seam.
Available with a pin or folding clasp.

Solid Strap Typ 3.1

Solid Strap Typ 3.1

Solid stainless steel sports strap

Solid Strap Typ H

Solid Strap Typ H polished

Stainless steel strap Typ H polished/satinated

Solid Strap Typ H matte

Solid Strap Typ H matte

Stainless steel strap Typ H bead blasted

Clasp Overview

Stainless steel pin clasps

Pin Clasp polished
Pin Clasp satinated
Pin Clasp bead-blasted
Pin Clasp PVD coated

Folding clasps

Folding clasp, stainless steel polished
Folding clasp, stainless steel bead-blasted
Folding Clasp Rubber Strap bead-blasted
Folding Clasp Rubber Strap satinated