Instrument 91

Back to the roots

Instrument 91

Guinand has been building pilot's watches since the early days of aviation. Watches, easy to read like an instrument. In our Instrument 91 we are again using a classic hand-wound movement - as was the case with the first watches for aviation from our manufactory workshop.

Guinand Instrument 91

Limited Edition

Instrument 91 with Sekundenarret

On the occasion of our 157th birthday on April 21, 2022., we are also producing the Instrument 91 with seconds zeroing in a small series.

To precisely set the time of a wrist watch most movements are equipped with a second stop – when the crown is wound, the second hand doesn’t move. The seconds zeroing is a much rarer design. When the crown is wound, the second hand continues to run until it reaches “60” and then it automatically stops – thus it is possible to use a time signal to set the watch to the second.

In all likelihood, this will be the last series with a seconds zeroing function to leave our workshop. From today's point of view, an edition of a movement with this function does not seem possible, as it would require an expense which doesn’t seem economically justifiable.


The Watch

Due to the reduction to the essentials - the time indication via 3 hands, the readability of the watch is perfect. Driven by a classic hand-wound movement.

With a diameter of 42 mm, it is a grown-up but not oversized instrument watch.

The Dial

The Guinand Instrument 91 features a matte black dial with large, easy-to-read numerals.

The dial indices and numbers are covered with white luminous color grade X1with the highest luminosity, the minute and hour hands, which are handcrafted from steel, are filled with white luminous color.

The Movement

For this pilot's watch with a small second, we decided to produce a new movement variant based on the base plates of the HS81 caliber family that we already have: the HS81.4. The HS81 caliber is based on the construction of the Unitas 6497 Lepine caliber whose plates we have adapted and extensively decorated.

The Housing

A hand-made watch also requires a case made in this way. The finely hand-brushed housing, screwed together from three housing parts, guarantees uncompromising safety.

A slightly curved and anti-reflective sapphire glass on the dial side and a flat sapphire glass bottom ensure absolute suitability for everyday use.

Size comparison

Based on the size values, it is not easy to decide whether the watch fits the wrist, or whether it is too big or too small. To make your decision easier, we have mounted the watch on three different wrist widths that correspond to the usual sizes.

How to determine the correct strap length?

Please note that the wrists shown can only give you an approximate impression of the watch on your wrist, as the shape of the wrist is different for everyone, even if they have the same circumference.

Instrument 91 on the wrist
Medium size wrist (approx. 19 cm / 7.48 inch C)
Instrument 91 on the wrist
Smaller wrist (approx. 17 cm / 6.7 inch C)
Instrument 91 on the wrist
Stronger wrist (approx. 22 cm / 8.66 inch C)

The Strap

Solid Strap Type H Klassik (Series II)

Solid Strap Type H Klassik

Pilot's watches require special straps - sturdy, comfortable to wear and of course they should share the high quality watch has. All leather straps with a lug width of 20mm are suitable for this watch. The pictures show the watch with the robust and soft, anthracite color wild boar leather strap, which is available in standard and XL length. For watch enthusiasts who prefer metal straps - our Type H Klassik metal strap is the right metal strap for this model.

Technical details


  • Caliber HS 81.4 based on a Unitas hand-wound movement
  • Small second at 9 o'clock position
  • 18 jewels
  • 18000 vibrations per hour
  • Movement diameter 16 1/2" (36,6 mm)
  • Movement decorated with Geneva Stripes
  • Power reserve approx. 40 hours


  • Hours, minutes, small second


  • Stainless steel hand satinized
  • Sapphire crystal glass, domed, anti-reflective on the interior
  • Screwed back with sapphire crystal glass
  • Crown double sealed
  • Pressure resistant up to 10 bar

Dimensions and Weight

  • Case diameter: 42 mm / 1.65 inch
  • Case thickness: 12.25 mm / 0.48 inch
  • Band lug width: 20 mm
  • Lug-to-lug distance: 50.7 mm / 1.97 inch
  • Distance between the spring bars: 46 mm / 1.81 inch
  • Weight without strap: approx. 66 grams