Rubber Straps 22 mm

Rubber Strap Glatt 22 mm

Black rubber strap with a smooth surface
Band lug width 22 mm, standard folding-clasp incl.

Standard Folding Clasp
The length of the standard clasp without quick adjustment is 30.15 mm

Folding Clasp with Quickadjust
Length of the clasp 45.8 mm - can be extended by 10 mm in 5 steps
Clasp in stainless steel, surface satined

Note: due to the longer clasp, this combination is not suitable for wrists with a circumference of less than 19 cm.

Suitable for:

  • Starfighter Pilot Chrono
  • Starfighter Pilot Radium
  • DuoIndikator
  • Pilot Chrono 42
  • Series 31
  • Series 31 Klassik
  • Series 90

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