Solid Straps


For our new diving watch Deepwave we have released a version of our proven stainless-steel bracelet type H with a new adjustable clasp.

The Guinand stainless-steel bracelet TYPE H consists of milled stainless-steel elements with solid lugs. It is equipped with a quick-change system for tool-free assembly/disassembly.

The quick-adjustment safety clasp SVSS with 2 independently locking push buttons for increased security against unintentional opening of the clasp - with tool-free strap length adjustment via a button concealed in the clasp cover by up to approx. 1.7 cm in 11 steps.

In the following video, we show you how quickly and easily the strap length can be adjusted.

Demonstration of the SVSS clasp

Mounting and adjustment of the solid strap Typ H (198.4 KiB)

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