VAT Refund

When picking up our Guinand watch at our sales plant in Frankfurt/Germany your invoice will contain Germany VAT. If you don’t live in the EU, you can get a refund on the value-added tax (VAT) you have paid on purchases within the EU. The watch need to "leave" Germany to outside EU, means the refund can be made only with a form (download here) signed and stamped by tax authorities at the moment of leaving Europe.

We do fill in the German form with all Invoice and company details and supply a stamped envelope to make it more convenient for the customer to get back VAT (at Frankfurt airport there is a mailbox in which the stamped envelope can be put into). As soon as we have received the stamped form in Original we can start the VAT refund process. The refund can be done either by a transfer to a credit card or by Paypal. Transfer to wire to bank accounts outside Germany is possible to a fee will be charged.

TIP: when getting the stamp on the form – take a shot with your digital camera/mobile to have a proof in case the envelope is lost during mailing.

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updated: 20 May 2017