Our philosophy

Guinand Watch

Dedicated to handcrafted tradition

Our watches combine the tradition of Swiss watch craftsmanship with the design principles of German pilot watches. Precision mechanics meet functional design – form follows function – and the best readability is guaranteed.

Care begins with the details: watch case, faces and hands, developed on the computer and manufactured on state-of-the-art machines, and – like all other high-quality parts – subjected to an extensive intake control.

Hergestellt in Deutschland

Face inscribed with “Hergestellt in Deutschland” (“made in Germany”).

HERGESTELLT IN DEUTSCHLAND/MADE IN GERMANY – this is a label that embellishes the faces of our new pilot watches. The key manufacturing steps take place in Germany: Watch cases and faces are developed, designed and manufactured here. The assembly, timing check and the final quality controls also take place in Germany.

Guinand watches are assembled by hand, and carefully checked after every production step. No watch leaves our company without first being checked for perfect rating and water resistance.

Small-batch production

Our watches are only manufactured in small batches, which ensures their exclusivity. Fans of the brand really appreciate this.

The brand is known among watch connoisseurs particularly for its pilot chronographs and instrumental watches that have been precisely manufactured by Guinand for many years.

Focus on the customer

In a small, but dedicated, team we maintain direct and personal contacts to our customers.

Design of the housing and movement of our model „Buren12“

Design drawing of the Guinand-movement HS81

decomposed watch movement on one of our watchmaker table