G44 DeepwaveF.A.Z.–Edition

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Pilot Chrono 42

Der new big pilot chronograph

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Starfighter Pilot L

Mach 2 on your right wrist

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Flight Engineer

Magnetic field protection at your wrist

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Flight Engineer Ferritgrau

The new diving watch

DuoIndikator Polarnacht

Guinand Collection

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News & Events

Guinand exhibits at Micro Praha / Prague, December 2023

Micro Praha Festival is a two-day shopping event with a wide selection of watch brands and accessories, held during the Christmas markets in Prague.

The Micro Praha Festival is a highly anticipated event taking place on December 2nd and 3rd, 2023. This exclusive festival offers watch enthusiasts and casual visitors a unique opportunity to engage directly with a wide range of micro watch brands. Attendees will have the chance to try on watches, make purchases, and even place special orders. With 37 micro watch brands from fourteen countries participating, this event is truly a global showcase of independent watchmakers.

For more Information Micro Prague Festival in December in Prague (micropraha.com)

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