Revision and repairs

Revision, repairs, servicing or conversion of your Guinand watch

Watchmaker table

We will be happy to inspect, repair or revise your Guinand watch. You have the option of sending us the watch or bringing it to us personally at our sales plant in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. 

In both cases, please use our repair order form. Without this completely filled out and signed order form, we are unfortunately unable to accept any watch from you.

You can view our repair price list in advance.
Please note our General Terms and Conditions that you can view here.

If you opt to send your Guinand watch as an insured parcel, please proceed as follows. 

  1. Download, print out and fill out the repair order form as a PDF
  2. Securely package your Guinand watch.
  3. Enclose the signed form with the watch.
  4. Send the insured Guinand watch to:

    Guinand GmbH
    Hausener Weg 61
    60489 Frankfurt am Main

    For insured parcels in Germany, we will send you a collection note for your watch. We will add the costs (see repair price list ) to your order. For guarantee orders the collection note is free-of-charge for you.  

    A different kind of return paid by us is not possible. Please order the collection note via our contact form (Re: collection note) or directly by email from

  5. On receipt of your watch, you will receive a receipt confirmation from us.
  6. If you have approved the costs and on inspecting your watch the order does not exceed the desired costs, you will receive an order confirmation. Otherwise, you will receive a price quotation. On receipt of your approval of costs, you will receive an order confirmation from us.
  7. After approval of costs and expiry of the statutory revocation deadline, we will commence the service. You can also state on the order form that we should begin with the service prior to expiry of the statutory revocation deadline. Please note that, depending on the necessary work, the service time may take several weeks.
  8. On completion of the service we will provide you with an invoice indicating the total amount. After receiving the money  , your Guinand watch is automatically returned to you as an insured package to the delivery address provided, and/or we will inform you that you can collect your watch from us.


Note for customers from non-EU countries

When sending your watch from non-EU countries, in addition to the postage costs for delivery and return, other taxes and duties may apply that you have to pay.

Therefore, please do not send us watches for repair without first contacting us!

Before sending the watch in for repair, please ensure that you are using the correct customs declaration forms required for export from your country to ensure that once the repair is complete, under outward processing rules, the import may be be duty free for you.
Please note that otherwise you will have to pay import duties (VAT, customs or excise duties) on the package. You may be contacted by your shipping company and asked to pay, otherwise your shipping company will likely send the package back to you. You can avoid this by using export documents for outward processing.

Watch winder

The typical movement of the wearer's wrist is simulated on the watch winder


Test of the accuracy in 6 positions on the timing machine

Leak test

Final test for vacuum resistance and water tightness